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China and a People-Centred G20

So it is evident there is much anger out in ‘election land’ and among the many electorates these days. The distemper is widespread. The ‘oddest’ of campaigns of course is the presidential race – just 98 days away – in the United States.

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Pluralism by Default: Weak Autocrats and the Rise of Competitive Politics

By Lucan Way Why do some countries that lack preconditions for democracy nevertheless see the rise of democratic political competition? Pluralism by Default explores the sources of political contestation in the former Soviet Union and beyond. Lucan Way, a leading authority on democratization, proposes that pluralism in new democracies is often grounded less in democratic leadership, an emerging civil society or people power and more in the failure of authoritarianism. Dynamic competition ?including electoral turnovers or independent media frequently emerges because autocrats lack the state capacity or organization to steal elections, impose censorship, or repress opposition. In fact, the same institutional failures that facilitate political competition may also thwart the development of...

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