Value: approximately $800
Description and eligibility: awarded to one or more master’s or doctoral students in any department or faculty in the University whose course program or research is concentrated in the area of South Asian Studies. This is an OSOTF award and is made on the basis of financial need and academic merit.


Value: $500-$1000
Description and eligibility: awarded to one or more full-time graduate student(s) at the University of Toronto engaged in research in the field of South Asian Studies. This award is made on the basis of academic merit. Preference will be given to candidates whose research activities require travel to India.


*UPDATED* The application deadline is April 30, 2016. Students may apply for more than one award, as long as their research fits the general description of any given award. Results are announced in mid May and funds are disbursed in late May.

Please submit separate applications for each award. For each separate application, please submit the following documents in a single pdf file titled with your last name and the award title, eg., LastName.IndCanAdvisoryGrp.pdf. Send them via email with the subject line CSAS 2016/Award Title (eg., CSAS2016/India-Canada Association Scholarship) to csas.assist@utoronto.ca.

  • Proposal for the deployment of funds, based on your academic research and project (500 words
  • Curriculum vitae (including contact information and the names and contact information for 2 academic referees)
  • Academic transcript (printout or pdf from ROSI is fine)
  • A 5–10 page writing sample
  • If the award you are applying for is an OSOTF award, then please also submit a completed OSOTF Financial Needs Assessment Form (a copy can be downloaded here) – this is only necessary for awards with an asterisk (*) above. This may be submitted as a separate pdf with your application pdf file.