"Big City, Big Ideas": The Millennials in Cities

On April 22, IMFG and its partners presented the fourth lecture in the “Big City, Big Ideas” series, entitled The Millennials in Cities: the Coming Change in Urban Demographics and Civic Values. The Millennials are changing the face of cities. Educated, diverse and tech-savvy, this highly urbanized generation of ‘teens to thirty-somethings’ is expressing a new set of values about how they want to live, work, and play. Yet, their influx into North America’s cities is also surfacing difficult questions about housing affordability, access to employment, gentrification, and race.  As urban demographics and civic values shift, what will  the implications be for North America’s cities?

Speaker: Rolf Pendall, Director, Urban Institute in Washington D.C.

Discussant: Francis Fong, Economist, TD Economics

Moderator: Lisa Rochon, Architecture Critic, The Globe and Mail

All photos courtesy of Paul Till.

Francis Fong presentation:

Rolf Pendall presentation: