The Fellowship in Global Journalism

A New Generation of Global Correspondents

We’re seeking 20 outstanding professionals, scholars and specialized freelancers from around the world, who want to lead the coverage of their disciplines in global media…

A new kind of journalism education, at the University of Toronto.

These aren’t ‘normal’ times for journalism, and this isn’t a normal journalism school. We need a new generation of reporters who understand complex subjects as specialists, and who yearn to cover them across borders as journalists.

The Munk School of Global Affairs is awarding 20 Fellowships in Global Journalism to candidates who:

As a Fellow in this eight-month program, you’ll get a head start in journalism by:

When you finish, you'll have the skills to:

Our job is to mentor your first year covering your specialty — in major media—so that you have the basis to lead in the years that follow. If you have already earned advanced knowledge of a subject, this is a powerful running start into global journalism in less time than most Master of Journalism degrees.

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Scientists doing science journalism… Lawyers doing law journalism… Health professionals doing health journalism… Engineers doing technology journalism… Human rights specialists doing human rights journalism…. Policy specialists doing political journalism… Doctors doing medical journalism… Economists and business professionals doing business journalism…. Regional experts working as foreign correspondents on the Arab World, South Asia, East Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe and elsewhere… Experts reporting as journalists on anything at all…  

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