Hae Yeon Choo

Professor, Department of Sociology
Collaborative Master's Program in Asia-Pacific Studies, Asian Institute




Room 368, 725 Spadina Avenue


Hae Yeon Choo is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology. She teaches courses on gender, globalization, and feminist theory and methods. Professor Choo’s research centres on the intersections of gender, sexuality, transnational migration, and citizenship for understanding the changing dynamics of complex inequalities. Her interest in using intersectional analysis empirically informs her articles in Sociological Theory and Gender & Society. She has also translated Patricia Hill Collins’s Black Feminist Thought into Korean.

Her book manuscript The Paradox of Citizenship: Gender, Labor, and Migrant Rights in South Korea (under contract with Stanford University Press) offers an account of how inequalities of gender, race, and class affect migrants’ practice of rights through a comparative study of three groups of Filipina women in South Korea—factory workers, wives of South Korean men, and hostesses at American military camptown clubs. Her current project examines the encounter between women refugee claimants and adjudicators at the site of refugee case law in Canada.

research interests

Feminist Theory


Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison, (2011)

M.S. University of Wisconsin-Madison, (2006)

B.A. Ewha Women’s University. Seoul, South Korea, (2004)

awards and distinctions

Cheryl Allyn Miller Award for Research on Women and Work, Sociologists for Women in Society, “Gendering Migrant Rights: Explaining Differences in the Practice of Rights for Filipina Factory Workers and Club Hostesses in South Korea”, 2013
Lumpkin Award for the Best Dissertation in the Department of Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2011
Distinguished Contribution to Scholarship Article Award, Race, Gender, Class Section of the American Sociological Association, “Practicing Intersectionality in Sociological Research” (with Myra Marx Ferree), 2011
National Women’s Studies Association Women of Color Paper Award, Choo, Hae Yeon May 2014 3 of 7 “Practicing Intersectionality in Sociological Research”, 2008
American Sociological Association, Asia and Asian America Section Graduate Student Paper Honorable Mention, “Gendered Modernity, 2008

Selected Publications

Choo, Hae Yeon. 2013. “The Cost of Rights: Migrant Women, Feminist Advocacy, and Gendered Morality in South Korea.” Gender & Society 27(4): 445-468. (lead article)

Choo, Hae Yeon. 2012. “The Transnational Journey of Intersectionality.” Gender & Society 26(1): 40-45.

Choo, Hae Yeon and Myra Marx Ferree. 2010. “Practicing Intersectionality in Sociological Research: A Critical Analysis of Inclusions, Interactions, and Institutions in the Study of Inequalities.” Sociological Theory 28 (2): 129-149. (lead article)

Choo, Hae Yeon. 2006. “Gendered Modernity and Ethnicized Citizenship: North Korean Settlers in Contemporary South Korea.” Gender & Society 20(5): 576-604. (lead article)

Choo, Hae Yeon. 2014 (forthcoming). “The Needs of Others: Revisiting the Nation in North Korean and Filipino Migrant Churches in South Korea,” In Multiethnic Korea? Multiculturalism, Migration, and Peoplehood Diversity in Contemporary South Korea, edited by John Lie. Berkeley, CA: Institute for East Asian Studies, University of California, Berkeley.

Choo, Hae Yeon and Myra Marx Ferree. 2013. “Sexual Citizenship and Suffering Subjects: Media Discourse about Teenage Homosexuality in South Korea,” Pp. 128-143, In Inequality & The Politics of Representation: A Global Landscape, edited by Celine-Marie Pascale. New York: Sage.


Gender in Global Contexts
Sociology of Sexualities: Queer Politics, Sex Work, and the Power of Love
Sociology of Gender
Feminist Theory and Practice
Gender, Politics, and Society


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