Wilfrid Greaves

Instructor, Trudeau Centre for Peace, Conflict and Justice & 2014 Trudeau Centre Fellow


Wilfrid (Will) Greaves holds a PhD in Political Science (International Relations and Canadian Politics) from the University of Toronto. His doctoral research examined how in/security and environmental change have been conceptualized by states and Indigenous peoples in the circumpolar Arctic region. An Ontario Graduate Scholar, SSHRC Doctoral Scholar and DFAIT Graduate Student Fellow, he is author of multiple peer-reviewed articles, book chapters, and working papers. He has also taught undergraduate courses in International Relations, global security, peace and conflict studies, and Canadian foreign policy at Ryerson University and the University of Toronto. A graduate of the University of Calgary and Bishop’s University, his research interests include security theory, human and environmental security, natural resource extraction and climate change, Arctic and Indigenous politics, Canadian foreign policy, and complex peacebuilding operations.

Selected Publications:

Greaves. 2016. “Securing Sustainability: The Case for Critical Environmental Security in the Arctic” (in print with Polar Record)

Bennett, W. Greaves, R. Riedlsperger, and A. Botella. 2016. “Articulating the Arctic: Contrasting State and Inuit Maps of the Canadian North” (in print with Polar Record)

Greaves. Forthcoming 2016. “Environment, Identity, Autonomy: Inuit Perspectives on Arctic Security,” in Kamrul Hossain and Anna Petrétei, eds, Understanding Security: Perspectives of Northern Indigenous Peoples. Leiden: Brill.

Greaves. 2016. “Paris 2015: Terrorism, Climate Change, and the Politics of Securitization,” Fletcher Security Review. Available at http://www.fletchersecurity.org/#!greaves/c20ig.

Greaves. 2014. “Naturally Insecure: Critical Environmental Security and Critical Security Studies in Canada,” Critical Studies on Security 2(1): 81-104.

Chater and W. Greaves. 2014. “Security Governance in the Arctic,” in Jim Sperling, ed, Handbook on Governance and Security. Northampton: Edward Elgar: 123-147.

Greaves. 2013. “Risky Ruptures: Integral Accidents and In/Security in Canada?s Bitumen Sands,” Journal of Canadian Studies 47(3): 169-199.

Greaves. 2013. “Canada, Circumpolar Security, and the Arctic Council,” Northern Public Affairs 2(1): 58-62.

Greaves. 2012. “For Whom, From What? Canada?s Arctic Policy and the Narrowing of Human Security,” International Journal 67(1): 219-240.

Greaves. 2012. “Insecurities of Non-Dominance: Re-Theorizing Human Security and Environmental Change in Developed States,” in Matthew A. Schnurr and Larry A. Swatuk, eds, Natural Resources and Social Conflict: Towards Critical Environmental Security. New York: Palgrave: 63-82.

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