Oleh Havrylyshyn

Casual Lecturer; Centre for European, Russian and Eurasian Studies


Until retirement from the IMF  in 2007 he  was  Deputy Director of the EUR II Dept. in the IMF (responsible for countries of the FSU), Alternate Executive Director of the IMF  Board of Directors. He served in the first  Ukrainian government   in the capacity of Deputy Minister of Finance , International Affairs. He completed his BA at Queen’s University , Canada, and PhD.at MIT,  had an academic career from 1972-1992 ,  Professor of Economics  at Queen’s University and  George Washington University , and Visiting Professor at Univ. Libre de Bruxelles ( 1981-2) and Geneva Institute of International Studies (1986-7)

He has written extensively on international economics, development and transition. The most recent publications since he left the IMF includes  three books on transition : 1) Divergent Paths in Post-Communist Transformation: Capitalism for All or Capitalism for the Few?  2006  Palgrave MacMillan, 2)   Return to Growth in CIS Countries : Monetary Policy and Macroeconomic Framework, 2006  Springer Verlag, co-edited witth L. Vinhas de Souza, 3) Structural Change in Transition : Comparing New EU States and CIS Countries.

In addition he has written numerous research and conference papers , e.g. : Fifteen Years of Transformation in the Post-Communist World” CATO Institute Development Policy Paper # 4, Nov. 2007; Growth Recovery  in CIS Countries: The Sufficient Minimum Threshold of Reform” 2008, Comparative Economic Studies ,Vol 50, No.1; “Export-led growth and trade among  developing countries”  Monthly Report of the Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies, June 2010;   “Is The Transition Over?”  forthcoming in Handbook On Transition,  ed. By Turley and  Hare, Routledge . His latest work is “Economy of Ragusa,1300-1800: The Tiger of Mediaeval Mediterranean” , with Nora Srzentic, Key-note speech to be presented at XVIIIth. Dubrovnik Economic Conference, June 29,2012.

He is fluent in English, Ukrainian , and French, convrsinfg ability in Croatina, Serbian and Italian, and reading comprehension of   Polish, Portuguese , Spanish, and Russian

Since 2007 he has taught courses at the University of Toronto , Queen’s University, and the Joint Vienna Institute on: Economics of Transition, Eastward Enlargement of the EU, Political Economy of Transition in CIS Countries,  The Economy of Independent Ukraine, Trade and Globalization Tendencies of Post-Communist Countries. He has presented  many papers at several international conferences including the Annual  Dubrovnik Economic Conference for which he is a member of the Scientific Committee.

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