Brian Stewart

Distinguished Fellow, Munk School of Global Affairs


Brian Stewart is one of Canada’s most respected foreign correspondent. Over more than two decades his reports for CBC’s The National, his acclaimed international documentaries, and his show, CBC News: Our World provided Canadians with a window on the world.  A past Gemini-award winner as Canada’s Best Overall Broadcast Journalist, he is a critical reporter with a  depth of understanding gained by many years working abroad and has a noted ability to bring compassion and humanity to foreign coverage.

He is currently a Distinguished Senior Fellow at the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto.

Throughout his reporting career, Stewart has worked extensively in conflict areas, and in humanitarian crises.  He was the first North American  reporter to focus the world’s attention on the Ethiopian famine of 1984; his report about his efforts to track down a girl that he had come across during the famine, received international coverage and led Stewart and the girl, now a college graduate, to an appearance on Oprah years later.

In the Gulf War he was the first Canadian reporter to get into the liberated Kuwait City. He has also filed award-winning reports from Somalia; from Sudan, where he covered child slavery during their Civil War; and from Rwanda, where he uncovered advanced warnings of the mass murders.

Over a long career he has covered many of the world’s conflicts and reported from 10 war zones, from El Salvador to Beirut and Afghanistan.  His interest in military affairs and extensive conflict coverage has made him the CBC’s TV’s primary commentator of Canadian and allied defence issues, and he has frequently reported on this country’s involvement in Afghanistan since 2002.

Though now retired from daily journalism, Stewart  he continues to write a regular column for on international affairs and frequently contributes to CBC documentary and news reports.

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