Qiantao Zhang

Qiantao Zhang

Post-Doctoral Fellow, Innovation Policy Lab


1 Devonshire Place, Room 063S


Qiantao Zhang has a PhD in Economic Geography from the School of Planning and Geography at Cardiff University (UK). His PhD dissertation, set in the context of divergent economic performance of UK regions, examines the role of universities in local, regional, and national economies, and maps diverse university-industry interaction patterns across regions. An economic geographer by training, he has broad interests in entrepreneurship, knowledge economy, and regional growth. Prior to joining the Innovation Policy Lab, he has worked as an IRC Postdoc Research Fellow at the School of Business at Trinity College Dublin (Ireland), where he is now a Visiting Research Assistant. Currently, he is working on the Entrepreneurship Hub project which examines the entrepreneurial activities within the University of Toronto, and the Alumni Impact project which analyses the economic, innovation, and social impact of University of Toronto’s alumni.


Zhang, Q., Larkin, C. and Lucey, B.M. 2017  “An empirical study of the innovative culture in Ireland’s HEIs.” Higher Education Policy. DOI: 10.1057/s41307-017-0039-7.

Zhang, Q., Larkin, C. and Lucey, B.M. 2016. “Universities, knowledge exchange, and policy: A comprative study of Ireland and the United Kingdom.” Science and Public Policy. DOI: 10.1093/scipol/scw047.

Zhang, Q., MacKenzie, N.G., Jones-Evans, D. and Huggins, R. 2016. “Leveraging knowledge as a competitive asset? The intensity, performance and structure of universities’ entrepreneurial knowledge exchange activities at a regional level.” Small Business Economics. 47 (3): 657-675.

Zhang, Q., Larkin, C. and Lucey, B.M. 2015. “The economic impact of higher education institutions in Ireland: Evidence from disaggregated input output tables.” Studies in Higher Education. DOI: 10.1080/03075079.2015.1111324.

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