Perhaps one of the key enablers of an effective innovation engine is the presence of adequate financing that allows new ventures to launch, scale and expand their offerings. In the past couple of years, in India and indeed the rest of the world, crowdfunding has emerged as a simple and innovative online tool that provides small businesses and start-ups with opportunities to increase their social media presence, investment base, and funding prospects.

Crowdfunding can be a valuable tool for businesses, but must be implemented carefully, strategically, and intelligently. The following report serves as a guide to those who wish to pursue Crowdfunding. This India Innovation Institute report examines the pros and cons of Crowdfunding and provides a guide to finding out whether or not Crowdfunding is right for your business. It not only examines successful Crowdfunding case studies under different Crowdfunding models, but also presents a checklist and a “how to” guide for launching a successful and innovative Crowdfunding campaign.

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