On March 9, 2015, a one-day conference hosted by the University of Toronto Faculty of Law and Munk School of Global Affairs explored the aftermath of the violent attacks on journalists at Charlie Hebdo and shoppers in a Jewish supermarket in Paris in January. How did the world react? How should the world have reacted? And where do we go from here? Academics from across disciplines, together with journalists and political observers, weighed in with their thoughts, ideas and suggested pathways to a saner and safer future.

Inspired by this conference, The University of Toronto Press published After the Paris Attacks; Responses in Canada, Europe, and Around the Globe, edited by Edward M. Iacobucci, Dean of the Faculty of Law, and Stephen J. Toope, Director, Munk School of Global Affairs. The book, available through the University of Toronto Press online store, contains 22 essays, bringing together leading scholars and journalists to respond to this tragedy and to debate how we can reach a safer and saner future. In this timely book, experts from fields such as law, political science, and philosophy grapple with the vital challenges of balancing security, justice, and tolerance, and offer astute and penetrating insights into how the world can best respond to these challenges.

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