Ju Hui Judy Han

Centre for the Study of Korea
Collaborative Master's Program in Asia-Pacific Studies
Professor, Department of Human Geography, UTSC




Room 265S, 1 Devonshire Place




Ju Hui Judy Han is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Human Geography. She teaches cultural geography courses on travel, mobility, religion, secularism, and difference. Professor Han’s inquiries generally concern deeply held intentionalities and affective charge—such as enthusiasm, repulsion, faith, passion, a sense of purpose, aspiration, and empathy—and how they play out in spectacular ways like mass prayer rallies and political protests and also in ordinary, everyday practices. Her research has examined evangelical missionary mobilities and the transnational production of racial and sexual difference, evangelical capitalism and religious property regime, and contentious religious politics and political homophobia. She is completing a book manuscript titled “Reaching for the World: a Postcolonial Geography of Missionary Aspirations,” which concerns how Korean/American evangelical missionaries cultivate an affective subject position through religious, humanitarian, and development mission projects throughout the world. Her writings and comics have been published in journals including Geoforum, Critical Asian Studies, Journal of Korean Studies, and positions: asia critique (forthcoming in 2015), and in edited volumes including Q&A: Queer in Asian America (1998), Mapping the End Times (2010), New Millennium South Korea (2011), and Territories of Poverty (forthcoming in 2015). She is the founding editor and publisher of On the Move: an undergraduate journal of creative geographies.

research interests

Missionary mobilities
Evangelical capitalism
Religion, social movements, and the public sphere


PhD University of California, Berkeley, (2009)
BA University of California, Berkeley, (1995)

awards and distinctions

2011-2016 Co-Investigator, “Urban Aspirations in Seoul: Religion and Megacities in Comparative Studies,” Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity, Gottingen, Germany. Collaborative grant for Laboratory for the Globalization of Korean Studies. Academy of Korean Studies.
2012 Connaught Start-up Fund, Provost’s Office, University of Toronto Scarborough
2010-2012 Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) Postdoctoral Fellowship in Geography, University of British Columbia
2009 Korea Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship in Asian studies, University of British Columbia
2008 Korea Foundation Fellowship for Graduate Studies
2006 Simpson Memorial Research Fellowship, Institute of International Studies, UC Berkeley
2005 The Society of Woman Geographers National Dissertation Fellowship
2003-2005 Institute for the Study of Social Change fellowship, UC Berkeley
2002-2004 University of California Regents-Intern Fellowship

selected publications

Han, Ju Hui Judy and Chun, Jennifer Jihye. 2014. “Introduction: gender and politics in contemporary Korea.” Journal of Korean Studies 19 (2): 245-255.
Han, Ju Hui Judy. “Beyond safe haven: a Critique of Christian custody of North Koreans in China.” Critical Asian Studies 45 (4): 533-560.
Han, Ju Hui Judy. 2011. ” ‘If you don’t work, you don’t eat’: Evangelizing development in Africa.” In New Millennium South Korea: Neoliberal Capital and Transnational Movements, edited by Jesook Song. London: Routledge.
Han, Ju Hui Judy. 2010. “Neither friends nor foes: Thoughts on ethnographic distance.” Geoforum 41 (1): 11-14.
Han, Ju Hui Judy. 2010. “Reaching the unreached in the 10/40 Window: The missionary geoscience of race, difference and distance.” In Mapping the End Times: American Evangelical Geopolitics and Apocalyptic Visions, edited by Jason Dittmer and Tristan Sturm, 183-207. Hampshire: Ashgate.


GGR2150H: Troubling Militarism: Space, Affect, Economy
GGR1706H: Geographies of Religion and Secularism
GGRB55H: Cultural Geography.
GGRC56H: Spaces of Travel: Unsettling Migration, Tourism, and Everyday Mobilities.


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