The students attended lectures by Joseph Wong, nine Fudan University professors, He Fan at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Daniel Bell at Tsinghua University and also visited the Canadian Embassy in Beijing. Most importantly, they learned from one another, bringing different perspectives (Canadian, Chinese-Canadian, and Chinese) on the rise of China. The following is an excerpt ofthe students’ closing speech made to the Dean at Fudan University:

There are several courses on Chinese politics at University of Toronto that we had the privilege to enroll in but those of us here today have really understood the value of immersing ourselves in the subject of our study. You have showed us the privilege of being hosted by one of the top institutions in China and studying with some of the most accomplished scholars in their fields of study. Their perspectives have been integral in shaping our experience. We thank you for the time and energy your university has invested in creating such a diverse and enlightening experience for us. Fudan University and its students have welcomed us with open arms, and we are very grateful and hope that others will have the opportunity to engage in such an experience.

We have learned that China is a diverse, complex country, one characterized by its own unique culture, history, and character. We have learned that China is not in opposition to the West, but simply different. Rather than dismissing the country as something that opposes our way of life, it has been enriching to understand China as a wealth of different ideas that we could learn from. We have learned China to be more willing to engage in international efforts, more active in initiating environmentally sound policies, and more open minded in its policy choices than ever before. It is through collaborations and dialogues like this program that our two countries will forge a positive relationship for the future. We have learned more from being here with you and our Chinese class mates than what was ever expected, and once again, we thank you for hosting us.

Asian Institute is planninga fall seminar with a panel ofstudents from the course to present their reflections on, “What does the rise of China mean for international society?”. Faculty members will offer responses.