Thomas Lahusen and Tong Lam, both are historians at UofT, will collaborate with Tina Chen, a film historian at the University of Manitoba, to carry out a SSHRC funded multimedia research project on “Changing Technologies of Film Projection in the PRC.” In addition to producing academic articles, this innovative project deploys a trans-media approach to examine the uses of media technologies, particularly film projection by the Chinese state in relation to socialist socio-economic experiments of the 1950s/60s and neoliberalism since the 1990s. Professor Lahusen, a filmmaker and a member of the Centre for European, Russian, and Eurasian, will produce a documentary film that chronicles the historical and contemporary significance of film projection in rural China. Meanwhile, Professor Lam, who is also a photo artist, will use photography as an ethnographic tool and artistic intervention to draw attention to the blurred lines between traditional and new media, process and product, art and life, and to reflect on the technologies of projection and representation in the visual economy of modern China. He will write photo essays and produce photographs for gallery exhibitions.