The Dr. David Chu Program in Contemporary Asian Studies (CAS) prepares undergraduate major and minor students to comprehend Asia’s roles in new global dynamics. Several of the world’s largest and fastest-growing economies are in Asia, yet the outcomes of modernization across the region have been varied, as seen through differing approaches to government, wealth distribution, ethnic diversity, gender dynamics, human rights, religion, and migration. Our students consider all of these factors in present-day South, Southeast, and East Asia, in the context of the diverse histories that inform these societies. The CAS program provides undergraduate students with the knowledge and analytical tools to grasp processes of change in Asian societies and draw meaningful linkages between them. The CAS program provides a lens through which to examine the links between Asia’s history, its increasing influence in world affairs, and the challenges and opportunities arising in this time of rapid transformation. Both the major and minor programs train students in pan-Asian and thematically-driven multidisciplinary approaches to the study of the region, including anthropology, economics, geography, history, political science, and sociology. For more information on the program and its requirements, please visit the Contemporary Asian Studies website.