Each year the Munk School of Global Affairs awards 20 Fellowships in Global Journalism to qualified candidates. Over the course of eight months, fellows report on their own discipline for major media outlets, study at the University of Toronto, attend lectures from leading journalists around the world, and receive direct mentorship from a “bureau chief”—an experienced journalist whose job it is to hone skills and help launch careers.

When the program is completed, fellows can return to their profession able to cover their discipline as a global journalist and use their outstanding knowledge of media to add value to their professional work. Fellows can go on to become “super-freelancers” with the skills and relationships to sustain a career for a portfolio of media organizations around the world. They can also compete for staff jobs with media companies that want the unique mix of specialization, reporting experience, global understanding and business ability that is gained through participation in this program.

For those who have already earned advanced knowledge, this opportunity is a powerful running start into global journalism in less time than most master’s degrees. In order to qualify for admission, candidates must have a graduate degree, professional degree, or a few years’ work experience in their discipline and must possess strong communication instincts. In addition, they must be hungry to cover their disciplines as journalists for media around the world, on all platforms including print, online, broadcast and radio. For more information about the program and application process, please visit the Fellowship in Global Journalism website.

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