The Munk School adopts innovative approaches not only to teaching and research but also to public dialogue. Every year, people in Canada and around the globe gain new insight into global affairs through our public engagement activity – whether from a media appearance by a top scholar, a podcast or livestreamed lecture on new research findings, or a social feed that contextualizes breaking news.

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The Munk School has rapidly grown its reputation as a trusted source of insight on global issues – from complex regional dynamics to technology-driven threats to privacy and security. Journalists across Canada and around the world increasingly turn to Munk School–affiliated experts to help them bring depth and context to current events and ongoing challenges.

Munk school Media articles over time

Media Articles Graph

Unless otherwise stated, all figures are for the time period from April 1, 2016 to May 31, 2017.

Munk school 2016-2017 Media

11,916 Media articles from around the world; 2.9 Billion total circulation; 2016: 51% International, 49% Canada

growing the

The Munk School is doing more thinking in public – not only through expert media appearances and scholarly publications but by sharing more of the reflections, conversations and questions that emerge as we go about our work at this vibrant hub for global affairs. This year we launched three new offerings:

  • A reboot of our bi-weekly e-newsletter News and Views, which gives subscribers a window into the life of the School, as well as timely access to Munk School–affiliated experts’ insights into world events.
  • From Where I Sit, a new essay series by the Munk School director, offers monthly commentary on issues in global affairs – both political events dominating the media landscape and matters the director believes are being neglected in the mainstream press. From Where I Sit gives our engaged public audience a uniquely situated and uniquely Canadian take on events.
  • Munk School Meets, a series of conversations with diverse members of the Munk School community – from students and faculty to fellows and donors – about their ideas, their influences and the change they’re trying to make in the world.

Munk school Online

Subscribers to Munk School’s News and Views
YoY increase
Facebook Likes across Munk School accounts1
YoY increase
TWITTER followers across Munk School accounts2
YoY increase
People visited Munk School websites3
HITS to Munk School websites4
  1. Majority relate to the Digital Public Square project.
  2. Over half relate to the Citizen Lab.
  3. Half relate to websites under the Digital Public Square project.
  4. Three-quarters relate to websites under the Digital Public Square project.

Munk school in the Community

Public and private events held at the Munk School’s two locations and Munk School events held off-site
Estimated number of attendees at Munk School public, private and off-site events
People visited the school during 2017 doors open Toronto

Disrupting The
Global Order

In November 2016, Prof. Janice Stein – an eminent political scientist and the Munk School’s founding director – launched a new podcast: Disrupting the Global Order. Episodes to date have featured interviews with authors of newly released books on international issues; guests have included Foreign Affairs editor Jonathan Tepperman on The Fix: How Nations Survive and Thrive in a World in Decline and Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter David Cay Johnston on The Making of Donald Trump. In the months ahead, Prof. Stein plans to add panel discussions on global affairs to the podcast’s programming mix. Disrupting the Global Order is available on iTunes, Google Play and Stitcher.

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