The work of the Munk School of Global Affairs is supported by philanthropists who believe that one powerful way to change the world is this: make sure exceptional students have access to extraordinary opportunities – in the classroom, across campus and around the world.

Launching New Scholarships

This year, three new scholarships were established to recognize outstanding students in the Master of Global Affairs (MGA) program, and to honour notable Canadians. These awards were presented for the first time at the MGA Graduation Reception in Spring 2018.

The Peter Mansbridge Gold Medal was established on July 1, 2017, by friends of Peter Mansbridge. The donors wished to honour Mr. Mansbridge’s 29 years as editor-in-chief and anchor of CBC’s The National, to recognize his extraordinary accomplishments as a journalist and broadcaster, and to celebrate, on the eve of this country’s sesquicentennial, his passionate commitment to Canada. The inaugural medal went to Benjamin Windeler, who had the highest academic standing in the MGA program at the Munk School of Global Affairs.

The George B. Kepes MGA Leadership Award was established by recent graduate David Kepes (MGA 2013) and his father, Robert Kepes, to honour their grandfather and father. George Kepes’ family was almost decimated during the Holocaust; he later made a dramatic escape from Hungary to Canada during the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. He retained a lifelong fascination with world events, to which David partly attributes his own interest in a career in international relations. David cites his grandfather’s support and encouragement among the primary reasons he pursued a life in public service. Establishing this award was a way to recognize and honour this family history, while supporting other individuals in their study of global affairs. The award will recognize a graduating MGA student who has made a meaningful contribution to student and extracurricular life at the Munk School of Global Affairs.

The Rotman family, the founding donors of the Rotman School of Management, has generously established a new scholarship in memory of Peter Munk in the year of his passing (2018). The Rotman Family MBA-MGA Scholarship in Memory of Peter Munk will be awarded to a Munk School student enrolled in the joint MBA-MGA program. The Rotmans “consider Peter a dear friend and are honoured to be able to give this gift.”


Celebrating Scholarship Winners

The Munk School of Global Affairs is grateful to our scholarship donors; their generosity not only helps to fuel student success, but also gives our entire community an opportunity to support and celebrate the excellence of emerging leaders.

Angela Hou is the 2017–2018 recipient of the Dr. David Chu Leadership Award. In addition to demonstrating outstanding academic achievement in studies related to the Asia-Pacific region, Hou is known for her tireless and highly effective work as president of the Contemporary Asian Studies Student Union (CASSU). Under her leadership, CASSU has contributed energetically to discourse on campus, hosting events on topics such as “Leadership and Empowerment: Asian Women in the 21st Century” and “From Xiamen to Johannesburg: The Role of BRICS in Global Governance,” a conversation that featured the consuls general to Toronto of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Expressing gratitude for her award and for the support of the Asian Institute more broadly, Hou reflects that the “unparalleled” mentorship and encouragement she’s received “has made the student experience [at the Asian Institute] a rewarding one – one of academic, professional and personal growth.”

This year, two students – Enis Alaluf and Pandora Ziu – received the Veneta Elieff and Danny Filipovic Graduate Award. The award supports Master of Arts in European and Russian Affairs students from the Munk School’s Centre for European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies (CERES) who are pursuing research, a student exchange or an internship in the Balkans. Ziu completed an internship at the High Council of Justice in Tirana, Albania, in a department that evaluates citizen complaints against judges. Alaluf completed an internship at the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy, an Athens-based think tank; his work focused mainly on relations between Turkey and the EU. Alaluf notes that without the scholarship, he would have missed out on a vital opportunity to “learn the fine points of policy-making and explore the fascinating city of Athens….We [students] are really grateful.” Created by Danny Filipovic in memory of his wife Veneta, the award was intended to memorialize Ms. Elieff’s lifelong dedication to her home country of Bulgaria. Mr. Filipovic, who was born in Serbia, escaped to France in 1952 clinging to the underside of a Paris-bound train, and built a successful life in Canada, died this year at age 90.



The Munk School of Global Affairs would like to express our sincerest gratitude to our generous donors for their support.

The following listing includes all philanthropic donations made to the Munk School of Global Affairs from May 1, 2017, to April 30, 2018.


Sylvia B. Adebajo
Alan Alexandroff
Khan Z. Aziz
M. Lynn & Brent S. Belzberg
Carolyn A. Brown
Lee Chung & Monica Hahm
Andrew Cohen
Consumer Reports
Ailis Cournane
Michael Cowan
Daniel & Elizabeth Damov
Paula Davis
Louise Dennys & Ric Young
David Duclos
Matthew T. Durno
Ken J. Dyck
Engineers Without Borders
John R. English
Frances Enright
Rosemary Evans
Johanna Elizabeth Mary Ewins
Safia Gahayr
German Academic Exchange Service
Gary D. Goldberg
Google Matching Gifts Program
Julie D. Gray
Fadil Haniff
Maria Hanus
Pat Harkins
Deanna Horton
Ben Hoyt
Helen M. Jones
Jabari Jones
David Kepes
Robert & Jennifer Kepes
Richard Kirsch
Jonathan N. Krehm
Adam Yao Liu
Ling Ling L. Lo
Loretta Lundy
Daniel Mayost
Craig W. McRae
Matthew Mercer
Demetris Michaelides
Raphael Mimoun
James R. Moir
Heather Munroe-Blum & Len Blum
Grace Olds
Dale R. Panday
Maxwell B. Parnell
Judith M. Pentinga
Heather Peterson
Petro Jacyk Education Foundation
Jay Prichard
J. Robert S. Prichard & Ann E. Wilson
Beverley Reynolds
Rotman Family
Lipi Roy
Tina Saryeddine
Gerald Schwartz & Heather Reisman
Wallace Seccombe
Amanda See
Hugh Segal
Neil R. M. Seifried
Matteo & Stefania Sestito
M. N. Sharif
Kaveh G. Shojania
Anne E. Simms
Paraskevi Skoutakis
Chris Snyder
Stephen & Stephanie Balogh Family Foundation
Ricardo Sternberg
Lawrence J. Swartz
Ivo & Milly Syptak
TD Bank Group
Alexander Tessier
Lidia Tudor
Kenneth A. Valvur
Rohak Vora
J. B. Walker