Canada Votes 2021

A snap election was called on August 15, 2021, setting off a 36-day campaign ending on September 20, 2021. Here are the highlights of Munk School voices throughout media election coverage.

Trudeau’s Liberals win Canada election, but miss majority
Robert Bothwell comments on election results
(AP News)

GTA voters see safety in the Liberal status quo
Shauna Brail on why those who care about the NDP’s top issues don’t vote to match their views.
(Toronto Star)

Hate, housing, climate and COVID-19 recovery: Issues Mississagua needs addressed by the next government
Climate change was a front-burner issue during the election. Now the government has promises to keep, says Matthew Hoffmann.
(Toronto Star)

Trudeau rolled the dice on a snap election. Canadian voters will decide whether his gamble pays off.
It’s not unusual for opposition parties to gripe about a snap election. But the complaints usually fizzle out after a couple of days. This time, things are different. Robert Bothwell discusses what’s changed.
(Washington Post)

Where the federal leaders stand on climate change
Matthew Hoffmann discusses where each major federal party stands on climate change.
(CBC Kids)

Urban issues in the 2021 Federal Election
Urban Policy Lab’s Sean McGowan offers a primer on the policy areas affecting Canada’s large cities and how they impact voter sentiment in the federal election.
(U of T School of Cities)

‘Not really the norm’ for candidates to run in a riding they never visit, says politics prof
N.W.T. Conservative candidate Lea Mollison has never set foot in the territory. Peter Loewen says that’s rare. (CBC)

COVID-19 brought back Big Government. How will we pay for it?
Robert Asselin discusses how the pandemic has influenced voter sentiment.
(Globe and Mail)

Erin O’Toole has nearly three weeks to convince Canadians he has the character to be prime minister
Peter Loewen on what Canadians look for in a good leader.
(Toronto Star)

Canada’s Trudeau resumes campaigning after irate crowds disrupt rallies
Robert Bothwell compares Justin Trudeau’s run-in with irate voters to his father’s similar experiences on the campaign trail in 1968.

Conservatives aim to wrest innovation leadership from Liberals – but critics say neither party measures up
Dan Breznitz speaks about each major party’s innovation platform.
(Globe and Mail)

As politicians hit the campaign trail, the Star will hold them to account. Here’s how
Peter Loewen’s Canadian Election Study will inform The Star’s election coverage.
(Toronto Star)

Are they telling the truth? The Star launches federal election fact check
Janice Stein discusses the importance of truth in politics.
(Toronto Star)

Leaders’ Debates Commissioner David Johnston issues decision on participation criteria for 44th General Election
Peter Loewen is part of a federal Polling Advisory Group.
(Canada Newswire)

Battleground Ontario
Peter Loewen offers comment on the province’s biggest issues.
(Canadian Press via Toronto Star) (The Globe and Mail – paywall)
Canada election: Trudeau calls snap summer campaign
Drew Fagan shares perspective on the federal election.
The Canadian Election Misinformation Project is up and running
Media mention the initiative from Peter Loewen’s Media Ecosystem Observatory, which has released its first memo.

Looming federal election all about securing a majority government: experts
Robert Bothwell talks about Trudeau’s position for the upcoming elections.