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The Centre periodically organizes conferences and workshops, which range from major international scholarly conferences to informal roundtables aimed at facilitating critical conversations.


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Roundtable ”Still on the Brink? Greece, Europe and the Euro Debt Crisis”
Robert Austin, Department of Political Science
Paul Cohen, Department of History
Randall Hansen, Department of Political Science
Carolina de Miguel Moyer, Department of Political Science
Louis Pauly, Department of Political Science
– co-sponsored by CERES, Hellenic Studies Council and JIGES
Friday 25 September 2015

Centennial Workshop on France and World War I
Moderator, Eric Jennings, University of Toronto.
Bruno Cabanes (Ohio State University), “Sortir de la Grande Guerre”: New Perspectives on the Transition from War to Peace”
Nicolas Offenstadt (Université Paris 1), “Memory and Memories of the French Veterans of the First World War in the Public Sphere, 1919-2014: a global reappraisal”
Richard Fogarty (University at Albany, SUNY), “Empire, Race, and Religion in the Great War”
Leonard Smith (Oberlin College), “French Historiography of the Great War and the ‘Return to Experience'”
Olivier Wieviorka (ENS Cachan), “Une mémoire pour deux guerres?”

Friday 31 October 2014
Munk School 108N

– co-sponsored by CERES and the French government’s Commission du Centenaire


Conference “La Rencontre linguistique dans les Amériques françaises, 16e-18e siècle / The Language Encounter in the French Americas, 16th-18th Centuries”

Conference Poster
Conference Program

1-2 November 2013
Goldring Centre, Victoria College
Jackman Humanities Institute


Conference “New Perspectives on World War II: France and its Colonies”

Conference Program

15 March 2013
Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy
1 Devonshire Place 108N-208N


Roundtable “The 2012 French Presidential Elections: France at the Crossroads”

Tim Smith (Department of History, Queen’s University)
Jack Veugelers (Department of Sociology, University of Toronto)
Paul Cohen (Department of History, University of Toronto)

29 March 2012
Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy
1 Devonshire Place 208N


“Rethinking Human Rights: Two Workshops”

11 November 2011
Faculty of Law
78 Queen’s Park W
Cassels Brock Blackwell Classroom

1.  Human Rights in Historical Perspective: A Dialogue (10AM-12PM)
Chair: Michael Marrus (Fellow, Massey College; Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Law, and Emeritus Professor, Department of History, University of Toronto)

Plenary Speakers:
Andrew Jainchill (Associate Professor, Department of History, Queen’s University)
Samuel Moyn (Associate Professor, Department of History, Columbia University)

Charles Walton (Associate Professor, Department of History, Yale University)

2.  Imagining a Human Rights Museum: A Roundtable (3-5PM)
Chair: Doris Bergen (Chancellor Rose and Ray Wolfe Professor of Holocaust Studies, Department of History, University of Toronto)

Clint Curle (Research, Canadian Museum for Human Rights; Adjunct Professor, Department of Law, Carleton University)
Michael Marrus
Samuel Moyn

Department of History
Samuel Zacks Chair in Jewish History
Faculty of Law


2010 Madagascar Workshop
Annual interdisciplinary meeting of international specialists of Madagascar
University of Toronto
29-30 January 2010


International conference on“New Perspectives in the History of Immigration in France” / “Nouvelles perspectives sur l’histoire de l’immigration en France”
5-6 November 2009


– November 5

1 pm – Munk Centre 208N, Welcome

1.15 pm- Panel 1) Immigration Policies Today: a Fork in the Road?

Chair: Naomi Davidson, University of Ottawa
Smain Laacher, CNRS-EHESS, “Qu’est-ce qu’un étranger?”
Valérie Amiraux, Université de Montréal, “Le renouveau des politiques musulmanes de la France: entre histoire et droit, quel changement est-il possible?”

3:30 pm – Panel 2) Colonialism, Decolonization, and Immigration

Chair: Yannick Portebois, University of Toronto
Clifford Rosenberg, City College New York, “From North to South: The Spread of Tuberculosis From France to Algeria, 1830-1930.”
Amelia Lyons, University of Central Florida, “‘Keeping with the Natural Order of Things:’ Social Work and Algerian Families in France during Decolonization.”
Katie Edwards, University of Toronto, “Les oubliés de Vietnam-sur-Lot: Repatriate Camps as Sites of Colonial Memory.”

– November 6

10.30 am – Munk Centre 208N
Panel 3) Rights, Protections, and their Limits.
Chair: Ian Radforth, University of Toronto.
Mary Lewis, Harvard University, “The Boundaries of Immigrant Rights in the French Third Republic.”
Caroline Douki, University of Paris VIII, “Exploitation au travail et protection des enfants migrants italiens en France, fin du XIXe-début du XXe siècle.”
Alexis Spire, CNRS, “Civil Servants Discretionary Power over Immigration in France after 1945.”

3.00 pm- Rotman School, CIBC room
Panel 4) Postcolonial Immigration Politics and Scholarship
Chair: Joseph Carens, University of Toronto
Gregory Mann, Columbia University, “Les Migrations Ouest-africaines sous les soleils des indépendances: l’axe franco-africain et l’axe sahélien.”
Jack Veugelers, University of Toronto, “‘Immigrants’ vs. ‘Immigrants’: Post-colonial politics in a French city.”
Patrick Weil, CNRS and Paris I, “The Post-Colonial Approach to the History of Immigration in France: contributions and bias.”



Roundtable on The Journals of Hélène Berr

The CEFMF is organizing this event to honor the publication of the English translation of the wartime journal of Hélène Berre, a young Jewish woman who was interned in Drancy in 1944 and deported to Auschwitz and Bergen Belsen, where she lost her life in 1945, and in conjunction with the 28th annual Holocaust Education Week. As part of the event, the French Embassy in Canada has invited Hélène Berr’s niece, Mariette Job, who first arranged for the manuscript’s publication in France in 1992.

Panel participants:
Mariette Job
Professor Michael Marrus, Chancellor Rose and Ray Wolfe Professor Emeritus of Holocaust Studies, University of Toronto
Professor Doris Bergen, Chancellor Rose and Ray Wolfe Professor of Holocaust Studies, University of Toronto
Tuesday 18 November 2008
Munk Centre 208N



400 ans de présence francophone en Ontario”

Marking the 400th anniversary of the foundation of Québec, this conference brought together researchers, high civil servants from the Province of Ontario, journalists and representatives from the Alliance Française, the Franco-Ontarian community and civil society to discuss the state and vitality of the French language in Ontario today.

20 March 2008

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