Visiting Professors

Beginning in 2004, the Department of History at the University of Toronto regularly welcomed a visiting professor in French history from a university or research institution in France to teach a graduate seminar in the Department and participate fully in the research life of the university during her or his stay in Toronto. Since the CEFMF’s creation in 2007, the Centre assumed responsibility for this program. .


Past Visiting Professors

Marc-Olivier Baruch
Directeur d’Études
École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales

A specialist of twentieth-century French history, Professor Baruch has published widely on the German Occupation of France and the Vichy regime, French higher education, and the state and government administration in modern France. Before taking up a research post, Professor Baruch served as a high civil servant in the French government.

His books include:

  • Le choix des X. L’École Polytechnique et les polytechniciens, 1939-1945, with V. Guigueno (Fayard, 2000)
  • Servir l’État français. L’administration en France de 1940 à 1944 (Fayard, 1997)
  • Le régime de Vichy (La Découverte, 1996)

Graduate seminar:
“Governing a State in Contemporary Europe: France, 1940-2000”


Silvia Marzagalli
Université de Nice

Professor Marzagalli is Professeur d’Histoire Moderne at the Université de Nice. She has published widely on the subject of French maritime commerce and economic life in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Her work has played a crucial role in shaping current French perspectives on the historiography of the Atlantic world. She is currently director of the major collaborative project “NAVIGOCORPUS: Corpus d’itiniéraires des navires de commerce, XVIIe-XIXe siècles.”

Her books include:

  • Négoce, portes et océans : XVIe-XXe siècles. Mélanges offers à Paul Butel (with Hubert Bonin) (Presses Universitaires de Bordeaux, 2000)
  • Les Boulevards de la fraude. Le négoce maritime et le blocus continental, 1806-1813 Bordeaux, Hambourg, Livourne (Presses Universitaires du Septentrion, 1999)

Graduate Seminar:
“France and the Sea: Commerce, Colonies, and the State”


Hervé Drévillon
Université de Poitiers

Professor Drévillon is Professeur of early modern French history at the Université de Poitiers. His interests range widely across cultural and social history: he has published on topics as varied as the cultural history of astrology in early modern France (notably in a study of the famed 16th century French astrologer, Nostradamus), noble violence as a social and cultural phenomenon, and the history of the duel. His work on the cultural history of violence has contributed significantly to opening up new perspectives in the cultural history of early modern elites and renewing the ways in which scholars study military history.

His books include:

  • Batailles, scène de la guerre, de la table ronde aux tranchées (Seuil, 2007)
  • L’Impôt du sang (Tallandier, 2006)
  • Nostradamus (Gallimard, 2003)
  • Croiser le fer. Violence et culture de l’épée dans la France moderne, XVIème-XVIIIème siècles (Champ Vallon, 2002)
  • Lire et écrire l’avenir. L’astrologe dans la France du Grand siècle (Champ Vallon, 1998)

Graduate Seminar:
“Honor in Old Regime France”

Professor Drévillon’s seminar explores explore the crucial role honor played in French society between the sixteenth and the eighteenth centuries. Honor served to mark status and define social and invidual identities; it was at once a social phenomenon and a deeply engrained element of individuals’ sentiments and emotions; its defense was a driving force behind perpetuating violence in French social life. Students enrolled in this course will be introduced to the most innovative recent critical approaches to honor from a variety of disciplines, including sociology and anthropology, as well as recent works of historiography from both sides of the Atlantic.


Raphaëlle Branche
Université de Paris-1

Graduate Seminar:
“Colonial Violence”


Pascal Ory
Université de Paris-1

Graduate Seminar:
“‘Americanisation’: A Word, A Myth, and Some Other Facts (France, 19th-21st Centuries)”


Patrick Weil
CNRS and Université de Paris-1

Graduate Seminar:
“Immigration, Citizenship, Integration of Minorities, and Secularization Policies: A Comparative Approach of Europe and North America”


Jean-Clément Martin
Université de Paris-1
Directeur de l’Institut de l’histoire de la Révolution française

Graduate Seminar:
“History and Historiography of the French Revolution”

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