We are immensely sad to announce the passing of our colleague, Carolina de Miguel Moyer, who died on 20 August 2020. Carolina was a distinguished scholar of political parties, electoral behaviour, federalism, and political geography. She published her research in the very best journals, and her contribution to the field was inestimable.

So was her contribution to CERES. Carolina was actively involved in multiple projects related to the European Union, including many public panels and other events in which she debated European politicians and scholars from around the world.

Carolina approached all questions with unimpeachable scholarly objectivity. We nonetheless sensed from our conversations and work with her the deeper commitments that actuated her research. She was proud of her Catalan heritage but was deeply committed to Spain and Spanish democracy. Indeed, she rejected any tension between the two. She objected to the severity of Germany’s demands for southern European austerity in the face of the Eurozone crisis, but she was deeply committed to the European Union and to a European project threatened by the populists and their toxic cocktail of lies and bigotry.

We will remember her for all of this – as a scholar of the very first rank, as a sensitive and insightful observer of Spain, and as a critical but deeply committed European. But most of all, we will remember her as a friend whose loss will be forever irretrievable.

Carolina touched and transformed the lives of many people. Our thoughts are with her husband, Ben; her two children; her mother, Melissa; her brother, Robert; and her broad circle of loved ones.

Randall Hansen, Director
Ed Schatz, Acting Director


The University honoured CERES Prof. Carolina de Miguel Moyer by lowering the flag over Simcoe Hall on 8 September. (photo by Dewey Chang)