Current Projects

Amrita DaniereUrban Climate Resilience in Southeast Asia Partnership

FACULTY INVOLVED: Amrita Daniere (Co-Director)

The Urban Climate Resilience in Southeast Asia Partnership (UCRSEA) addresses vulnerabilities to climate change in urbanizing areas of Southeast Asia with the goal of enhancing resilience and, hence, economic and social well-being. Individual and community vulnerabilities in the region are linked to global environmental change and to the rapid pace of urbanization and economic integration of the region.  Specifically, the project seeks to provide vulnerable peoples in transitional states with the space to learn about and share in decisions about protecting themselves from the economic, social, and physical impacts of climate change.


Joshua Barker

Urban Infrastructures and Informal Sovereignties: Understanding 21st Century Politics

FACULTY INVOLVED:  Joshua Barker (Project Leader)

Urban struggles over transportation infrastructures are shaping how city residents experience differential citizenship and how various groups gain power and stake claim to their rights in the city. This project’s research focuses on modes of transportation in Indonesian cities and the increasingly complex networks of political authority involved in building, controlling, and maintaining these infrastructures.


Jacques BertrandEthnicity and Democratic Governance, SSHRC Major Collaborative Research Initiative


The Ethnicity and Democratic Governance Project is an international Canadian-based 5-year SSHRC major collaborative research initiative studying one of the most complex and challenging issues of the world today: governing ethnic diversity. Through an intensive consultation process involving internationally-based university researchers, students, policy makers, partner organizations and citizens, the project aims to arrive at innovative academic analysis but also practical tools and strategies that citizens and governments can learn from as they work through their own ethno-cultural conflicts and tensions.


Christoph EmmrichOnce the Buddha Was a Girl: Girl Children and Young Women as Religious Agents between Burma/Myanmar and Nepal

FACULTY INVOLVEDChristopher Emmrich (Primary Investigator)

This project aims at identifying through textual and ethnographic sources the Buddhist roles and practices which enable girl children currently growing up in Nepal and in Burma/Myanmar to change the religious institutions that have determined the very roles and practices that girl children are made to perform.


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