The Centre for the Study of Korea wholeheartedly congratulates Kyoungrok Ko, Associate Professor and Korean Language Program Coordinator in the Department of East Asian Studies, on receiving this year’s Faculty of Arts & Science Outstanding Teaching Award. This award, which recognizes teaching excellence in undergraduate education in the Faculty of Arts & Science, described Professor Ko’s outstanding contribution to Korean language education as follows:

“Kyoungrok Ko is a specialist in language education with an unquenchable zeal for teaching Korean. Since joining U of T in 2010, he has taught all four levels of Korean language and completely transformed the language program. Ko revised the curriculum, adapted the inverted-classroom model, created extracurricular activities like the Korean Speech Contest, instituted a TA-training program and interviewed every student seeking to enroll in first-year Korean. While Ko credits the recent increase in demand for Korean language instruction at U of T to a growing interest in K-pop and Korean pop culture generally, his colleagues and students place much of the credit closer to home.”,

The Dean of the Faculty of Arts & Science, David Cameron,presented Professor Ko his award on April 14th at the Outstanding Achievement Awards Reception. Professor Ko was one of four recipients who received the 2016 year’s Faculty of Arts & Science Outstanding Teaching Award.