Adam Stasiewicz will be graduating this June with a Double Major in American Studies and Political Science. He shared his insights of being an American Studies student along with his exciting next steps!

Please share your fondest memory from being an American Studies student.

My best memories of being an American Studies Major stem from the USAS events that bring students and faculty together for insightful presentations and discussions regarding pressing subject matter in American Studies and related fields.

What are some of the courses that you really enjoyed taking and why?

USA 310 (Mass Incarceration in the U.S.), USA 311 (History of American Contagion), and USA 312 (Trump and the Election) provided intellectually stimulating analysis and course material that is extremely relevant to the current U.S. political climate.

What are some ways that you were involved with the program?

During my three years In the American Studies Program, I served as treasurer of the USAS, assistant editor of the American Studies journal, and helped CSUS faculty promote the American Studies Program to prospective students.

Do you have any words of wisdom for current or future American Studies students?

It is essential to attend your Professor’s office hours as many of the American Studies faculty teach multiple courses within the program. The faculty are extremely intelligent, friendly and committed to helping hard-working students succeed at U of T.

What are next steps for you after graduating from U of T?

After graduation, I am attending the School of Public Affairs at American University in the Fall of 2021 to pursue a M.A. in Political Communication.

What are some insights from the American Studies Program that you think you will be able to apply in your future activities?

The American Studies Program has provided me the tools to thoughtfully engage with a wide breadth of subject matter through the lens of the American conscience. This will be of particular help to me in the future as political communication requires employing rhetoric and strategies that appeal to uniquely American ideas and beliefs.

Congratulations to Adam! We hope the tools that he has gained through the program allows him to continue to pursue his goals! We look forward to seeing him thrive in grad school and continue to grow!