The new associates award

This award goes to an outstanding CSUS student entering the fourth year of their Major in American Studies. The award is given to an Ontario resident on the basis of need (determined by OSAP), Annual GPA, and a one-page letter outlining the applicant’s interests in American Studies. The award is for up to $6000.00 and is available in the Fall term of the fourth year.

This year, the recipients for this award are the following American Studies students. Congratulations to everyone!

                      Cheryl Cheung                                                        Emma Lowenberger                                                    JAckie Luo 



The csus undergraduate writing award

This award goes to the author of an outstanding essay in American Studies. The award is open to third and fourth-year American Studies Minors and Majors. The essay could be a submission to the undergraduate journal, or a major paper for a CSUS class. The award is for $250 and is given at the end of the academic year.

aisha assan-lebbe

Aisha is this year’s Writing Award recipient. She will be receiving the award for a paper titled, “Zombie Cinema and Apocalyptic Salvation: A Comparative Analysis of World War Z (2013) and Night of the Living Dead (1968)”. Congratulations to Aisha!








omar danaf

We would also like to do an honorable mention for Omar and his essay titled, “Opposition to the Future: The Tea Party’s Relation to the American Revolution”. He will be receiving a U of T Bookstore gift card for his work. Congratulations to Omar!