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The Undergraduate Journal of American Studies, published annually, provides the opportunity for undergraduate students to present some of their high-quality independent research to a broader audience.

CALL FOR papers FOR THE 2020-21 JOURNAL:
DEADLINE: friday, september 4, 2020

The Centre for the Study of the United States (CSUS) Undergraduate Journal of American Studies is currently accepting submissions for the 2020-21 journal.

SUBMISSIONS should center on the 2020-21 theme: uprooted

This year’s journal explores America’s flawed foundations. To ‘uproot’ means to pull what has been persistently kept underground into the light, where it can be examined and reckoned with. By its twin definition, to be ‘uprooted’ is to be removed from home, to endure a forced eradication of history and roots.

As such, we will be highlighting previously underwritten narratives connecting American history to contemporary crises, centering on the republic’s role in uprooting cultures and people around the world and at home. Derived from this legacy, prominent areas of exploration include the festering roots of racism, institutional violence, and illiberal power structures in American life and government.

These histories can be from political, economic and sociological perspectives, or from an interdisciplinary array of any relevant fields. Keep the question in mind: what stories have not been told, and how have those stories set the nation on its course towards social pandemonium?


We invite submissions from 2-20 pages in length, which have received a mark of 80% or higher. Work from all disciplines is welcome, as long as the submission is related to the ‘uprooted’ theme and focused on the American context.

Students whose papers are accepted will work closely with the journal’s editing team to improve and polish their submission before publication.

Please send submissions and/or direct any questions to CSUS.journal@gmail.com.

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