Environmental Governance Lab Statement on Racism and Violence

We stand in solidarity with those bravely pursuing justice in this time of crisis as well as those who have long labored for it in Canada and the United States. Systemic racism, injustice, and inequity are inherent in the areas of concern to the EGL as well. Exposing and eradicating these forces is intrinsic to understanding and taking action on climate change, environmental governance, and sustainability.

We are speaking today to the EGL community in a time of crisis, fully realizing that our commitments to and actions in support of antiracism, justice, and equity must be the normal, everyday touchstone for the EGL.

We affirm that the EGL is an anti-racist space. We commit to amplifying the voices and work of people of colour and marginalized communities engaged in the study of environmental governance. We promote the fundamental indivisibility of anti-racism, justice, equity, and the pursuit of sustainability and climate action in our research and outreach.



The Environmental Governance Lab is a research hub that focuses on the development of new ideas and tools to respond to the challenge of environmental governance at multiple scales. It is a home for research partnerships, a node in global research networks on environmental governance and transformative policy, and a platform for knowledge exchange with practitioners, policy makers, and the public.

The EGL is also a Research Centre of Earth System Governance — a global research alliance that is the largest social science research network in the area of governance and global environmental change.