Kathryn Chelminski: Rebalancing the Established Institutional Order – The Rise of Global South Institutions in Driving Clean Energy Development

Kathryn Chelminski, an affiliated Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Toronto Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy discussed her research on the role of the Global South in driving clean energy developments. Her research aims to contribute to the energy and climate governance literature by expanding on the role of emerging donors and South-South investment in clean energy development and the broader implications for clean energy governance. She examines the differences in South South Development Cooperation (SSDC) lending patterns and motivations for investment in clean energy compared with North-South lending, and the broader implications of the increasing multipolarity in clean energy governance. This paper examines broader investment trends and lending patterns and uses comparative qualitative policy analysis of the discourse surrounding SSDC for clean energy. By examining these trends, this research hopes to open up a larger discussion on the significant role of the Global South in clean energy governance.

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