Redrawing the battle lines in the fight over Canada’s price on carbon

Canada’s carbon pricing system is being implemented as a way to help meet the country’s global emissions targets, but its future remains uncertain. Can industry assist in overcoming opposition?   At the historic climate talks in Paris in 2015, countries agreed that large-scale transformation is required to avoid the worst effects of global temperature rise. […]

by Amy Janzwood March 23, 2019

Reflections on the Utrecht Winter School on Earth System Governance

Day 1 at the Winter School. Photo credit: Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development UU In November, the Earth System Governance (ESG) Project hosted a Winter School at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. The five-day Winter School took place in advance of the ESG Conference (read Emma Lecavalier’s summary of the conference here). The School provided an opportunity […]

by Amy Janzwood December 5, 2018

headshot in black and white of Matthew Hoffmann

EGL co-Director Matthew Hoffmann on Ontario’s New Climate Change Plan on “Here and Now Toronto” CBC

EGL co-Director Matthew Hoffmann speaks with Reshmi Nair about the Ontario government’s new climate change plan on “here and Now Toronto” CBC. You can listen to the full interview here.

by Matthew Hoffmann December 5, 2018

Emma Lecavalier Headshot

Conference Dispatch: Earth System Governance Conference, Utrecht University

Conference Dispatch: Earth System Governance Conference   “The key message from the ESG Conference was a call to action—to improve, coordinate, and disseminate our research to address the challenges of environmental change”   This month, I had the pleasure of attending the Earth System Governance (ESG) Conference at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. The conference […]

by Emma Lecavalier November 18, 2018