Stefan Renckens headshot

Stefan Renckens

Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Toronto

Stefan Renckens is Associate Professor in the Political Science Department of the University of Toronto. His research focuses on global environmental governance and political economy. The goal of his research is to understand the development, functioning and impacts of transnational private sustainability governance of corporate activities and its interactions with public policy and governance, both internationally and comparatively. His work includes studies on the political economy of public regulatory interventions in private governance, the impacts of private governance on the development of public policy, compliance verification by private audit firms and assessors, and the political-economic origins and development of private governance. His research covers multiple areas in environmental and natural resources governance, including fisheries, sustainable finance, climate change, fair trade, renewable energy, electronic waste, and organic agriculture. His latest book, Private Governance and Public Authority. Regulating Sustainability in a Global Economy (Cambridge University Press, 2020) exposes the political-economic conflicts between private and public rule makers and the strategic nature of regulating sustainability in a global economy, drawing on European Union policymaking on organic agriculture, biofuels, fisheries, and fair trade. Stefan holds a Ph.D. (2014) and M.Phil. (2011) in Global Environmental Politics from Yale University, and Master’s degrees in Political Science (2002), Economic Policy (2003), and Conflict and Sustainable Peace Studies (2005) from the University of Leuven.