Richard Charles Lee Insights through Asia Challenge: Winners Report Back

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Friday, March 24th, 2017

Friday, March 24, 201712:00PM - 2:00PM208N, North House, 1 Devonshire Place
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In April 2016, nine teams pitched their ideas to a panel of judges to compete for funding in the Richard Charles Lee Insights through Asia Challenge (ITAC, formerly Big Ideas Competition). In this presentation, the winning teams will present the results of their projects to show how they applied their academic studies to make a difference in addressing real-world issues in Asia and what they learned from the process.

Winners of this year’s Insights through Asia Challenge, who will carry out their projects in summer 2017, will also be presented with their awards.

Presenters Include:

Evaporative Cooling Vests – Preventing Deadly Heat Stress
Presentation by Adam Sheikh

Thousands of migrant construction workers in the Gulf have died as a result of heat induced heart complications. Local governments have done little to address serious workplace safety problems giving construction companies little incentive to ensure the safety of cheap, easily replaceable, labour. Through use of low cost cooling vests we have found a means of changing this dynamic and ensure protecting workers’ is less costly then leaving them exposed.

Presentation by David Tobiasz and Melody Liang

Upward is a small-scale educational development project founded by three University of Toronto graduate students that provides dynamic classroom experiences to migrant children in China.

Cleanopy Air4Kids
Presentation by Natalia Mykhaylova and Julie Huber

Our overall goal is to reduce the health risk factors of air pollution for children by providing affordable devices for monitoring and purifying the air and an awareness campaign that together will result in reduced disease incidence and improved health. We have conducted a detailed survey of parents, clinicians and NGOs and used the findings to improve the design of our solution.

Red Pocket

Our goal was to disrupt stereotypes of Chinese people as silent and conservative by elevating lived experiences and voices of youth. Through our media production company, we have aimed to encourage discussion about racial stereotyping and to share real stories from real people.


Katherine MacIvor

Main Sponsor

Asian Institute


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