Spectrum of Migrant Exclusions: Contemporary Issues, Interdisciplinary Insights

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Friday, October 5th, 2018

Friday, October 5, 20183:00PM - 5:00PMThe Vivian and David Campbell Conference Facility, 1 Devonshire Place (Devonshire Pl. & Hoskin Ave.)
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Scholars have long recognized social barriers and structural constraints that result in the “differential inclusion” and “segmented assimilation” of migrants. These concepts have been fruitfully applied to understanding the structural and persistent inequalities that immigrants face after entry into a nation-state’s territory. As Stephen Castles and Alastair Davidson observe, states frequently incorporate migrants “only within strict temporal and functional limits.” While migration studies have long attended to these issues, recent global shifts in immigration politics and temporary labour regimes have increased the urgency of attending to the rise of global and transnational regimes of exclusion.

Challenging the idea of migration to settlement as normative, non-citizens are increasingly vulnerable to deportation and detention globally; temporary foreign workers are more likely to be ineligible for family reunification and permanent residency; children of refugees may not have full access to public education; and migrant contract workers are denied full and equal participation, rights and protections in the labour market. These mechanisms of exclusion illustrate the range of limitations inhibiting the inclusion of migrants, particularly those who are undocumented, refugees or temporary migrant workers. This panel offers insights from multiple disciplinary standpoints and situates migrant exclusion in current global political context.

Reception to follow.


Randall Hansen
Welcoming Remarks
Interim Director, Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy

Patricia Landolt
Opening Remarks
Associate Professor, Sociology, University of Toronto

Jennifer Hyndman
Professor, Social Science and Geography, York University

Rhacel Parreñas
Professor, Sociology and Gender Studies, University of Southern California

Alison Mountz
Professor, Canada Research Chair in Global Migration, Wilfrid Laurier University


Asian Institute


Dornsife College, University of Southern California

Global Migration Lab, Munk School of Global Affairs

SSHRC Partnership Project, Gender, Migration and the Work of Care

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