Wednesday, September 26th, 2007 Estado Cultural - a documentary screening and discussion

Wednesday, September 26, 200712:00PM - 2:00PM108N, North House, Munk Centre For International Studies
1 Devonshire Place


Latin American Studies Luncheon Series


Estado Cultural explora las perspectives oficiales y populares del estado de la cultura venezolana bajo el gobierno Bolivariano del presidente Hugo Chávez Frías. Con esta obra digital se inicia una nueva serie testimonial que documenta un verdadero cambio de paradigma cultural que está transformando a la sociedad venezolana. A través de encuentros y desencuentros con cultores comprometidos emergen estas reflexiones y expresiones del pueblo Bolivariano. (En español. Sin subtítulos).

Estado Cultural explores official and popular perspectives of the state of Venezuelan culture under the Bolivarian administration of president Hugo Chávez Frías. This film is the first in a new testimonial series that documents a true paradigm shift in the notion of culture that is currently transforming Venezuelan society. Expressions and reflections of the Bolivarian people emerge through formal and informal conversations with politically engaged Venezuelan cultural practitioners. (In Spanish. No subtitles).

Originally from Venezuela, Dr. Victor Rivas studied in the United States where he first received degrees in journalism and anthropology. He worked as a journalist and a Media Specialist, eventually pursuing a PhD in Hispanic Languages and Literatures from the University of California at Berkeley. Dr. Rivas is currently an Assistant Professor at the Department of Spanish and Portuguese of the University of Toronto. Besides working on a variety of issues within the wide field of Latin American Literatures, Dr. Rivas focuses his research on contemporary Latin American literary, film, and cultural studies; nineteenth-century Latin America and the ideological legacy of Simón Bolívar; and the politics of culture and media.

For the past three years, Dr. Rivas has been filming and editing a series of documentary shorts about the relationship between politics and culture in Venezuela. In the past months he has completed postproduction work on a short entitled Rejas: the prison poetry of Iván Padilla Bravo; and on Estado cultural, a feature-length documentary exploring the diversity of cultural expressions under the controversial government of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez.

The post-screening discussion will be conducted in both English and Spanish.


Victor Rivas
University of Toronto


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