Adrienne Harry

Alexandre Parrott-Mautner let a simple philosophy guide his time in the Master of Global Affairs (MGA) program: “say yes to things”. During his studies, the 2019 MGA candidate loaded up on extra-curriculars, from sitting on the organizing committee for Hart House Global Commons to becoming an executive producer at Global Conversations, a student-run publication at the Munk School.

“The MGA program gave me a way to explore a bunch of different sectors and get involved in different initiatives,” says Parrott-Mautner, a 2019 Gordon Cressy Student Leadership Award recipient. “I was able to explore what interests me and simultaneously gain on-the-ground experience.”

Exposure to variety led Parrott-Mautner, who came to the MGA program with a background in political science and law, to develop his leadership skills and shift his career focus. In addition to his extra-curricular pursuits, Parrott-Mautner organized a group of his peers to participate in a consulting challenge with the Canada Infrastructure Bank, and interned at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office in London, England. He was also logistics coordinator for the Munk School’s Global Ideas Institute (GII), a year-long mentorship initiative for high school students interested in tackling global challenges. Parrott-Mautner says that playing so many different roles during his time at the Munk School helped to round out his education. Each experience was an opportunity for learning. “Mentorship is a really important part of the MGA experience – you learn from your peers and you’re being mentored by graduates,” he says. “But when you are in a situation like GII, where you are the one leading a younger generation, you really start to understand how much you’re learning in your own program.”

Through his classes, Parrott-Mautner developed a curiosity for innovation policy, particularly within the energy sector, an interest that led to his current role as a senior associate at MaRS. He helps businesses navigate and leverage innovations in their industries to become more resilient and adaptable to change. He credits the Munk School with helping him find his fit in the workforce. “The spread of projects within the MGA program really allowed me to understand what I like and don’t like,” says Parrott-Mautner. “Each engagement that I’ve had with a group, project, or internship added to my overall direction. My focus in my role at MaRS, which is innovation within the corporate sector, comes from me exploring a wide range of subject matter at the Munk School and understanding exactly where I fit and add the most value.”

While he may be settling into a new role at MaRS, Parrott-Mautner’s time at the Munk School won’t soon be forgotten. He looks forward to celebrating the success of his Munk School peers in the future. “The power of the Munk School is that we’re all a family. Everyone I’ve met in the program is amazing and we’re all going to do great things. Our time in the program has come to an end, but we’re all beginning the next Munk School adventure.”

June 5, 2019