On December 10, Canada was one of 164 countries to sign the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration. The non-binding document is the result of two years of international negotiation and sets 23 distinct objectives for safer, more orderly international migration. In recent weeks, the compact has become a source of divisive political debate in Canada and abroad, much of which turns on misrepresentations of its legal status and impacts on sovereignty.

Ahead of the signing, experts from our Global Migration Lab held a video press call to address some of the rhetoric around the law, politics, and process involved in the Compact and elaborate on why supporting the Compact is in Canada’s sovereign interest. In addition, our leading experts on international migration commented in several news stories about the Compact throughout the week. See below for a synopsis of the press call and our expert commentary in the media.

Munk School Expert Commentary

Dec. 12 – Craig Damian Smith: End of sovereignty or meaningless agreement? Breaking down the UN’s global pact on migration (London Free Press)

Dec. 9 – Craig Damian Smith: UN migration pact is not legally binding for Canada – here’s what it will do (Global News)

Dec. 7 – Craig Damian Smith, Audrey Macklin: Canadian academics call out Tories for spreading misinformation about UN migration pact  (Globe and Mail)