Toronto, ON – July 22, 2016 – Part way through the year between the 2015 Antalya Summit last November and the 2016 Hangzhou Summit in September, G20 members are making steady progress in fulfilling their pledges, according to the G20 Research Group¹s 2015 Interim G20 Antalya Summit Compliance Report. The report finds an average score of 63% at the half-way mark.

The compliance report monitors 10 priority commitments selected by the promises made by the G20 leaders at the Antalya Summit. It covers only the period from November 16, 2015, to April 6, 2016. Assessments are based on publicly available information on actions taken by G20 members after each summit, although many members are engaged in multi-year ongoing initiatives that support the work undertaken by the G20.

While the average score of 63% is the same as the interim score from the 2014 summit, the performance among the members and among the issues is different from a year ago.

The United States is in the lead since Antalya, with an average score of 90%, followed by Australia (host of the 2014 Brisbane Summit), Germany (host of next year¹s 2016 Hamburg Summit) and Italy at 60%. Canada and China ‹ this year¹s host ‹ have an average score of 75%.

Of the 10 commitments selected for evaluation, the most progress has been made on the development commitments of aid for trade and tax administration, as well as on a commitment to improve gender equality in the workforce.

Interim scores offer a snapshot of where things stand about half way between summits. The scores can vary significantly from the final scores, which will be released on the eve of the Hangzhou Summit that will take place in China on September 4-5, 2016.

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