GII Challenges


In the past eight years the Challenge Topics have been: Food Security and Zero Hunger, Sustainable Energy Access for All, Financial Inclusion in India, Scaling the Aravind Eye Institute program, distribution of Sprinkles micronutrient packets, reinventing the toilet, and birth registration.

2018-2019 Challenge Topic:  Plastic waste management

Nearly all of the plastic ever created still exists today, and more than 40% of it has only been used once. To date, 79% of the 8.3 billion tonnes of plastic produced globally, has accumulated in landfills or the natural environment. The BBC reports that the world’s landfills, oceans, forests, and natural spaces will hold an estimated 12 billion tonnes of plastic waste by 2050. These startling numbers are indicative of a global issue that has a growing impact on our ecosystems, and the natural and human lives within; the accumulation and management of plastic waste. It is estimated that, with expected growth in plastic production, the impact of plastic will double in just over 10 years.

In a recent article, the Guardian reports “the planet is on the edge of a global plastic calamity.” The UN Environment Chief calls for consumers, the private sector, and governments to reduce the consumption of single-use plastics. By implementing new innovations that target the consumption and management of plastics, we will, in turn, begin to address issues related to climate change, human health, biodiversity, and economic development.

Previous Challenges:

Past Participants:

  • Bayview Glen
  • Bishop Marrocco/ Thomas Merton Catholic Secondary School and Regional Arts Centre
  • Bloor Collegiate Institute
  • Branksome Hall
  • Etobicoke Collegiate Institute
  • Etobicoke School of the Arts
  • Harbord Collegiate Institute
  • Havergal College
  • Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute
  • Loretto Abbey Catholic Secondary School
  • Malvern Collegiate Institute
  • Marc Garneau
  • Michael Power | St Joseph High School
  • Northern Secondary School
  • North Park Secondary School
  • North Toronto Collegiate Institute
  • Pickering College
  • Pickering High School
  • Sacred Heart Catholic High School
  • Sandalwood Heights Secondary School
  • St Clement’s School
  • Stephen Lewis Secondary School
  • St Michael’s Choir
  • The York School
  • Upper Canada College
  • University of Toronto Schools
  • Victoria Park
  • Woodbridge College
  • York School

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