This knowledge hub was envisioned by Teresa Kramarz, a faculty member of the Munk School of Global Affairs in the University of Toronto, as part of her Global Classrooms Project at the University of Toronto. Teresa initiated this project as a way to internationalize learning within the traditional classroom. She sees global classrooms, or virtual exchanges, as one innovative way to achieve the benefits of internationalization through available technologies. The benefits of internationalization are well-recognized and increasingly promoted by educational institutions (see Benefits of Global Classrooms).

With support from the University of Toronto’s Teaching Fellowship, and the Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation Teresa embarked on this project, beginning with a robust literature review followed by interviews with practitioners of globally networked learning approaches in the United States and Canada, and th

en an extensive faculty survey within the University of Toronto.  She created this knowledge hub to share her research, case studies, and other useful resources with faculty interested in global classrooms.   Throughout this website, you will find journal articles, case study reports, practical tools and guides for developing your own global classroom.



Teresa Kramarz is the Director of Munk One, a program for first year undergraduate students at the Munk School of Global Affairs. An expert on international organizations and global governance, with emphasis on global environmental politics, her work has examined the impact of the World Bank’s public-private partnerships on democracy,

innovation, and financially sustainable conservation governance, the legitimacy of the World Bank as a global knowledge actor, and the local/global relationship in the provision of global public goods.

Dr. Kramarz has extensive experience in her field having worked for almost ten years with the World Bank, the United Nations Development Programme, the Food and Agricultural Organization, and the Canadian International Development Agency on sustainable development programs, institutional analysis and capacity building for the biodiversity, climate change and decertification conventions.

For more about Teresa’s research and teaching work, visit her website HERE.


Watch Teresa speak about her ideas for the Global Classrooms Project at the University of Toronto:



Special thanks to Anju Xing and Sharon Lam for their support as research assistants for this project.

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