Useful Links

useful links

The following is a collection of links to other useful online resources.


1.  The SUNY Center for Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL). State University of New York.

COIL is a leading international organization that seeks to promote Globally Networked Learning. It has developed its own model for implementing virtual collaborations to foster student’s global cultural competencies. The website provides information on course models, its network of partner institutions, training programs (e.g. Academy for COIL Course Development), and events (e.g. Stevens Initiative Virtual Exchange Forum – see more below, ACE COIL Leadership Academy, resources under Projects).

2.  Virtual Exchange Coalition

The Virtual Exchange Coalition was formed through a partnership of three organizations (Global Nomads Group, iEARN-USA, and Soliya) which share the goal of advancing virtual exchanges among youth. Its website provides multimedia tools (e.g. videos), and information on about virtual exchanges and its impacts, partner institutions, as well as news and events.

3.  Soliya

Soliya is an international organization promoting virtual exchanges among youth to advance global education and intercultural perspectives.

Under Custom Solutions, you can find resources and training on how to design and implement a Virtual Dialogue and a variety of training to enhance different professional skills such as facilitation, mediation, and intercultural communication. In addition, you will also find Soliya’s recently launched Virtual Exchange Platform (SVEP), an online platform that enables groups to interact in real-time.

4.  Stevens Initiative. The Aspen Institute.

The Stevens Initiative focuses on conducting research on virtual exchange programs and their impacts. Its website presents a collection of impact stories, a blog, as well as information about events and its annual grants competition (for U.S. institutions).

The following are videos from the Stevens Initiative Virtual Exchange Forum:

5.  STEAMuseum. Chicago Sister Cities International.

A recipient of a Stevens Initiative grant, the Chicago Sister Cities International has formed international partnerships to create a digital, online museum. The digital museum will feature collaborative projects developed by high school students in the cities of Chicago and Casablanca. It is anticipated that such projects will be related to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Art. Updates on the project are available on the organization’s blog.

6.  Global Learning Experience. DePaul University.

This website presents DePaul University’s Global Learning Experience (GLE) initiative, which provides grant funding and other support for faculty members interested in integrating interactive global learning experiences in their courses. This website provides useful information for institutions interested in supporting global learning within their institutions.

7.  Global Classrooms. University of Maryland.

The University of Maryland promotes Global Classrooms as a way to globalize students’ education and advance the institution as a globally connected university. The website offers information about the courses that have been offered in the form of a Global Classroom (e.g. Addressing Current, Pressing Global and Environmental Public Health Challenges in Bangladesh; City and Regional Economic Development Planning; Understanding U.S. Foreign Policy toward Afghanistan).

8.  Cultura. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Cultura is a project that was founded at MIT with focus on virtual exchanges to advance education in foreign languages and cultures. Its website provides access to an Educator’s Guide for language teachers, an Educator’s Forum, information about previous exchanges, publications, as well as an open source web tool, called Cultura Drupal Distribution, which helps facilitate live exchanges.

9.  Globally Networked Learning. York University.

This website provides resources for researchers, educators, and students to learn more about on globally networked learning and conduct their own experiments. It provides training resources (e.g. webinars, bootcamp), case studies, publications, and videos.

10.  The Global Classroom: Integrated Approaches to Sustainable Development Practice. Educause 2008 Annual Conference Proceedings. EDUCAUSE.

EDUCAUSE is a membership association that aims to promote higher education in technology. At one of its annual conferences, it hosted a professional development session featuring Rob Garfield, Educational Technologist at Columbia University, who presented about the Global Classroom course that was developed at Columbia University. This webpage provides access to an audio file of the session as well as presentation slides.

11.  CFR Campus. Council on Foreign Relations.

The Council on Foreign Relations’ CFR Campus seeks to promote education on international affairs by connecting educators and students to its publications, teaching resources, learning tools, and events featuring experts on foreign policy.

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