Video | 2018

Behind the City Beat: A Pre-Election Media Panel

What are the policy issues that matter leading into the 2018 Ontario municipal election? What goes into covering the city hall press beat? How has the media landscape changed in recent years, with the decline of traditional media and in the era of ‘fake news’?

This video features a panel discussion of journalists held on October 2, 2018, who looked at the important policy issues ahead of the October municipal election. This event was co-sponsored by the Institute on Municipal Finance and Governance at the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy and School of Cities at the University of Toronto. Speakers include Adrienne Batra, (Editor in Chief, Toronto Sun), Matt Elliott, (Municipal Affairs Analyst, CBC), Noor Javed, (Staff Reporter (GTA/York Region), Toronto Star), John Michael McGrath, (Digital Media Producer, TVO), Maria Saras-Voutsinas, (Executive Director, National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada), and Rob Steiner, (Event moderator, Director, Fellowship in Global Journalism and Professor of Global Practice, Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy).

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