Presentation | 2020

If Not Now, When? The 9th Annual Toronto City Manager's Address

COVID-19 has challenged the City of Toronto and municipal governments across the country like never before. The City has adapted to respond to the increased and profound needs of Toronto’s residents, businesses, and neighbourhoods, especially those most impacted by the pandemic – racialized, Indigenous, and equity-seeking communities. To protect lives and livelihoods it has worked closely and effectively across governments including with other cities in the region, institutions, and community partners.

To successfully recover and renew our city, the City cannot do it all and it cannot do it alone. Responding to COVID-19 has demonstrated how effective governments can be when they prioritize collaboration and the well-being of all Canadians. A “whole of governments” approach will continue to be critical as we lay the foundation for a shared recovery amidst the ongoing uncertainty and challenges the pandemic presents. Collaboration is critical to achieve shared success of governments, communities, agencies, academic institutions and the private sector.

What does Toronto and the region need to recover from COVID-19 and build back stronger? How can we build on recent successes and continue to address and overcome the constraints and barriers that have historically limited effective intergovernmental and intersectoral collaboration? What will partnership look like across the GTHA?

In this presentation, Toronto’s City Manager Chris Murray shares his thoughts on the learnings of the last several months and what he sees as the way forward.

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