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Presentation | 2019

Steering Low-Carbon Growth in Emerging African Cities: Insights from Dar es Salaam

This presentation by Chibulu Luo, a 2018-19 IMFG Graduate Fellow, explores three key questions: What role do African cities and municipal governments play in producing low-carbon urban growth? Which institutions or governing bodies should take the lead, and why? And what are the opportunities to scale up investments to finance sustainable technologies and infrastructure?
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Presentation | 2018

Toronto: The Accidental Metropolis

Joe Berridge, Partner, Urban Strategies; Professor- Geography and Planning, University of Toronto, presented as part of the event Toronto: The Accidental Metropolis on June 20, 2018.
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Video | 2018

Toronto: The Accidental Metropolis

Toronto is evolving with a style and character unique in the world, widely recognized for its livability. Now its economic power and its critical and largely successful function as a crucible of immigrant settlement is becoming more and more evident. Remarkably, the emergence of Canada’s cities on the world stage, and Toronto’s rise to the top dozen in global status, has been largely accidental. How did this happen?
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Forum Paper | 2018

Finding Common Ground: Interlocal Cooperation in Canada

A range of municipalities are considering or already using interlocal agreements in a variety of policy areas. Canadian municipalities with such agreements generally report high levels of satisfaction with them. Surprisingly, however, we find less cooperation between Canadian municipalities than we find in other parts of the world.
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Presentation | 2017

Returning to the Golden Rule of Balanced Budgets

The “golden rule” of public finance states that over an economic cycle, governments should borrow only to invest and not to fund current spending, and that the current budget must always balance or be brought into surplus. In Ontario, all municipalities are subject to legal borrowing limits, with special exceptions for Toronto and York Region.
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Book | 2017

Financing Infrastructure: Who Should Pay?

Bringing together perspectives and case studies from across Canada, the US, and Europe, IMFG's new book Financing Infrastructure: Who Should Pay? contends that users, not taxpayers, should start paying directly for their cities’ repairs and expansions.
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