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Forum Paper | 2020

Charting A New Path: Does Toronto Need More Autonomy?

Across Canada, and particularly in Toronto, calls for increased municipal autonomy and the protection of municipal authority in the Canadian constitution have been getting louder. These issues have become no less significant following the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, which has revealed the limits of municipal powers and financial resources, while also demonstrating the importance of provincial and federal support for municipalities in difficult times.
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Special Projects | 2020

Designing Property Tax Deferrals in Response to the COVID-19 Crisis

In an effort to provide financial relief to citizens and local businesses in response to the COVID-19 crisis, some Canadian municipalities are introducing or expanding property tax deferral programs. Designing Property Tax Deferrals answers 10 questions that municipalities should consider when designing property tax deferral programs, highlighting some considerations and implications.
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IMFG Paper | 2020

Power and Purpose: Canadian Municipal Law in Transition

Zack Taylor and Alec Dobson examine the state of municipal empowerment by presenting an overview of municipal law in Canada’s 10 provinces. They identify similarities and variations within and among the provinces in how they articulate the provincial-municipal relationship, municipal powers and jurisdiction, the organization of municipal institutions, and financial powers.
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Special Projects | 2020

In It Together: Clarifying Provincial-Municipal Responsibilities in Ontario

This report from Ontario 360, the Institute on Municipal Finance and Governance, and the Urban Policy Lab explores the relationship between the Province and Ontario’s 444 municipalities – how it has become so intertwined and why the time has come for a reassessment that ensures Ontarians receive the highest quality, most effective, and most efficient services from their governments.
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Perspectives Paper | 2019

Property Taxes in Canada: Current Issues and Future Prospects

This paper examines the current state of property tax policy across Canada and finds that municipalities and provinces are facing a number of shared challenges and questions, including: whether to apply progressive property tax rates, the volatility of property taxes, the benefits and drawbacks of using property tax incentives to attract businesses, and the role of provincial property taxes
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