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IMFG Paper | 2019

Development Charges in Ontario: Is Growth Paying for Growth?

Ontario’s Development Charges Act (DCA) provides the legal framework within which municipalities recover growth-related capital costs from the new development giving rise to such costs. While the purpose of the DCA is to ensure that growth pays for itself, the way the DCA is designed prevents it from achieving its obvious goal.
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Presentation | 2018

Housing Access & Urban Governance

Alejandra Reyes, IMFG 2018-2019 Post-Doctoral Fellow, presented in her research seminar, "Housing Access & Urban Governance: Lessons from Mexico’s Recent Experience," on the tension between Mexico's federal housing finance strategies and municipal governance and implementation, the policy shortcomings at different levels, and the implications of a lack of coordination.
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Video | 2018

Behind the City Beat: A Pre-Election Media Panel

What are the policy issues that matter in the 2018 Ontario municipal election? What goes into covering the city hall press beat? On October 2, 2018, IMFG and School of Cities assembled a panel of journalists who explored how they cover municipal elections, which policy issues matter most, and how to adapt and stay relevant in the changing media landscape.
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Perspectives Paper | 2018

A Check-up on Toronto’s Fiscal Health, 2018

Before the last municipal election in 2014, IMFG issued a Perspectives Paper on Toronto’s Fiscal Health (Is Toronto Fiscally Healthy? A Check-up on the City’s Finances by Enid Slack and André Côté). In that paper, we undertook an assessment of the state of the City’s finances in four areas: spending and services; taxes and revenues; debt and savings; and infrastructure.
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