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IMFG Paper | 2018

The Public Finance Challenges of Fracking for Local Governments in the United States

Fracking has revolutionized international oil and gas markets practically overnight, but its impact on local public finance and governance have largely been overlooked. While operating under federal and state constraints, the key ongoing policy question is whether and to what extent local governments can – and should – have the power to manage the industry’s effects on their communities.
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IMFG Paper | 2018

Climate Finance for Canadian Cities: Is Debt Financing a Viable Alternative?

This paper explores climate finance, the provision of financing by private actors for projects intended to decrease carbon emissions or make cities more resilient to the impacts of climate change. It analyzes four climate financing tools used in other jurisdictions – green bonds, environmental impact bonds, catastrophe bonds, and green banks – and their feasibility under current Ontario regulations.
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Video | 2018

Promise and Peril in the Smart City: Local Government in the Age of Digital Urbanism

This video features a panel event convened on January 25, 2018 on the implications of ‘smart’ innovations for local governments. Speakers include Tracey Cook (Executive Director, Municipal Licensing and Standards, City of Toronto), Pamela Robinson (Associate Professor, School of Urban and Regional Planning, Ryerson University), Peter Sloly (Partner and National “Security & Justice” Lead, Deloitte), Zac Spicer (Visiting Researcher, Institute on Municipal Finance and Governance), and John Lorinc (event moderator, Senior Editor, Spacing).
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