Munk School’s Innovation Policy Think Tank Awarded Major Grant To Establish Digital Research Partnership

AUGUST 27, 2014

Toronto, Canada – The Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto is proud to announce that David Wolfe, Co-Director of the Innovation Policy Lab, and his team have been awarded $2.9 million from SSHRC (the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council) over six years for the Creating digital opportunity: Canada’s ICT industry in global perspective project. With support provided by SSHRC, the University of Toronto, lead partner, the Canadian International Council, and other partner universities, firms and organizations, the project commitment totals $5.1 million.

Evolving digital technologies are critical to the global economy and to Canada’s future economic growth and prosperity. The rapid pace of innovation, along with shifting global leadership in digital technology, are creating major challenges for Canada’s digital industries, but also new opportunities.  Canada’s future competitiveness and prospects for economic growth are inextricably linked to our ability to seize the digital opportunity being created.

Creating Digital Opportunity (CDO) is a research partnership designed to produce the knowledge required to assist Canada in moving toward global competitive advantage by increasing the knowledge base needed to form effective policies. The partnership, including over 20 investigators at 16 universities across Canada and thirteen committed partner firms, cities and organizations, proposes to answer the question: how can Canada best respond to the challenges posed by a rapidly changing digital landscape, while benefiting from emerging opportunities to promote our economic prosperity?

The Honourable Ed Holder, Minister of State (Science and Technology) made the announcement late this morning. The SHRC Partnership Grant program supports new research collaboration among private, public and not-for-profit sectors on issues that will advance our understanding of people and society.

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