Shauna Brail

Associate Professor, Innis College
Director, Urban Studies Program


Room 308, Innis College (2 Sussex Avenue)

Shauna Brail, PhD is Associate Professor, Teaching Stream in the Urban Studies Program, Associate Director, Partnerships & Outreach, School of Cities at the University of Toronto and from January – June 2019, is Director of the Master of Urban Innovation program at the University of Toronto Mississauga. She is also Director of the Urban Studies Program (on leave until July 2019).

As a champion of experiential learning, Shauna led the development of academic internships and community-engaged learning in the Urban Studies Program for over a decade, working with students, university administrators and partners at urban-focused institutions across the city.

From 2015-2018, she was the Presidential Advisor on Urban Engagement and worked both within and outside of the university to develop partnerships and support initiatives which enhanced the university’s strategic priority of leveraging our location(s). Prior to joining the University, she worked in management consulting and in the Ontario provincial government.

As an economic geographer and urban planner, Brail’s research focuses on the transformation of cities as a result of economic, social, and cultural change. Her current research examines disruptions taking place in urban mobility, particularly focused on the emergence and shifting strategies of ride-hailing firms and associated impacts on cities.


Selected Publications:

Brail, S. 2018. From renegade to regulated: The digital platform economy, ride-hailing and the case of Toronto. Canadian Journal of Urban Research, 27:2, 51-64.

Brail, S. 2017. Promoting innovation locally: Municipal regulation as barrier or boost? Geography Compass, 11:12, 1-12.

Brail, S. and Kumar, N. 2017. Community leadership and engagement after the mix: The transformation of Toronto’s Regent Park. Urban Studies, 54:16, 3772-3788.

Leslie, D., Brail, S. and Hunt, M. 2014. Crafting an antidote to fast fashion: The case of Toronto’s independent Fashion Design Sector. Growth and Change, 45:1, 222-239.

Brail, S. 2013. Experiencing the city: Urban studies students and service learning. Journal of Geography in Higher Education, 37:2, 241-256.


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