Shiri M. Breznitz

Associate Professor, Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy
CSUS Affiliated Faculty, American Studies Faculty


Room 368S, 1 Devonshire Place

Shiri M. Breznitz, an economic geographer, specializes in innovation, technology commercialization, and regional economic development.

Her research is at the critical intersection of theory and policy to fit the new realities of globalization. Dr. Breznitz’s work has informed policymaking at the local, national, and international levels. She has advised on the role of universities in the larger story of innovation, on the economic impact of biotechnology, and on the role of clusters in driving innovation. In addition, Dr. Breznitz is one of the section editors for Economic Geography at the Geography Compass Journal.

Breznitz’s book, “The Fountain of Knowledge” with Stanford University Press (July 2014), analyzes universities’ relationships with government and industry, focusing on the biotechnology industry as a case study. She has also, co-edited the book “University Technology Transfer:  The Globalization of Academic Innovation,” with Routledge Press (September 2015). Additional work by Dr. Breznitz has been published in Regional Studies, Canadian Journal of Regional Science, Economic Development Quarterly, Journal of Product Innovation Management, and The Journal of Technology Transfer.

Current projects include: Crowd funding and Digital Media in Canada, Culture and Higher Education Institutions as Intermediaries in the U.S., The Fintech industry in Canada, a Study on US universities during the financial crisis of 2008, and a study examining the impact of university incubators.

Selected Publications

Breznitz, S. M. and Kenney, M. 2018. Can the “Public” Endure in the Public Research Universities? A Challenge for America’s Research Enterprise. Issues in Science and Technology. Spring 2018.

Silvestre, B., I. McCarthy., A. Von Nordenflycht., and S. M. Breznitz., 2018. “A Typology of University Research Park Strategies: What Parks Do and Why it Matters.” Journal of Engineering and Technology Management. 47:110-122.

Breznitz, S.M., Clayton, P.A., Defazio, D., Isett, K. 2017. “Have you been served? The impact of university entrepreneurial support on start-ups’ network formation.”  Journal of Technology Transfer. First Online:  01 March 2017

Breznitz, S. M. and H. Etzkowitz, Eds. 2015. University Technology Transfer: The globalization of academic innovation. Routledge Studies in Global Competition.

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