Sara Charney, Chair of the Lionel Gelber Prize and President of The Lionel Gelber Foundation, and Stephen Toope, Director of the Munk School of Global Affairs, are pleased to announce an outstanding jury for the 2017 Prize.

John Stackhouse, Jury Chair (Toronto, Canada) is joined by 2016 Lionel Gelber Prize Winner and journalist Scott Shane (Maryland, USA), Professor Allison Stanger (Vermont, USA), Dr. Astrid Tuminez (Singapore), and Professor Antje Wiener (Hamburg, Germany) will form the 2017 Jury.

“Created in memory of the Canadian scholar, diplomat and author Lionel Gelber, we are gratified that the Prize attracts such distinguished jurors, year after year,” said Ms Charney, niece of the late Lionel Gelber.

Read more about this year’s jury on the Lionel Gelber Prize website.